Antigen Elisa Test Kit

Quantitative SARS COV-2 Antigen Assay Kit

(Enzyme Linked Immunoassay - ELISA)

Product characteristics

  1. 80 uL of Serum
  2. Simple: Easy to perform, standard ELISA format
  3. 96 well format for medium throughput.
  4. Incubator 37 C and MTP reader mandatory , MTP washer recommanded
The test is intended for medical professional and laboratory use.

Indication for Testing

  1. To screen larger groups
  2. To detect infection after contact with COV-2 infected persons
  3. To validate PCR results
  4. At onset of symptoms in addition to PCR test.


Virus Detection Limit

2 TCID50 / ml

Performance Index

  • LOB 1.08 pg/ml
  • LOD 1.66 pg/ml
  • LOQ 2.89 pg/ml
Linear Range
2.89 ~ 180.01 pg /ml
4.80% ~ 9.23%
1Instructions for use1 copy
2Coated microplate96 wells ×1 plate
3Conjugate 16ml/bottle ×1 bottle
4Conjugate 212ml/bottle ×1 bottle
5Calibrators (CAL1-CAL5)0.5ml/bottle, 5 bottles
6Control0.5ml/bottle×1 bottle
7Substrate solution A6ml/bottle ×1 bottle
8Substrate solution B6ml/bottle ×1 bottle
9Stop solution ( NOT SUPPLIED )6ml 0.5 M H2SO4
10Concentrated washing buffer 20×30ml/bottle ×1 bottle
11Sealing film3 sheets
Product NameSample TypeStorage TemperaturePackaging Size
Quantitative SARS COV-2

Antigen Assay Kit
SerumStore at 2°C -8°C96 Tests / Kit

Order Number: S-CoV2-AGET (Kit for 25 tests)
Price: From 6,50€ each test

Schematic Diagram of Antigen and Antibody Changes in Blood

Main Mechanism of Antigen into Blood

When SARS-CoV-2 invades the lung cells, it will express a large amount of self protein to reassemble the virus particles. causing cell damage and forming inflammation, the virus protein expressed in excess and the virus protein released from the disintegration ofvirus particles killed by the body in the lesions will enter the blood circulation through the vessel wall with increased permeability due to inflammation in the lesions.

Mechanism of Reduction and Elimination of Antigen in Blood

  • The virus antigen will stimulate the patient’s body to produce the corresponding antibody, and the antibody produced by the body will produce the specific combination with the corresponding antigen, forming the antigen antibody immune complex to be cleared by the body’s immune system. As the amount of antibody produced by the patient increases gradually, the amount of antigen cleared will also increase synchronously.
  • With the activation of the immune system, the ability of killing virus is enhanced, the viral load in the body will gradually decrease, and the production of virus and blood antigen will gradually decrease.

Example of Combined Test Results of Antigen and Antibody in Blood

Sample Source: PCR confirmed Covid-19 patient serum samples

GroupDays from onsetTotal number of samplesNumber of antigen positive samplesSensitivity
1≦3 day323093.4%
24~7 days3838100%
38~14 days312890.3%

SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Specificity

Cut-off value=2.89pg/mL

Sample Source: 649 population samples with negative PCR test results.

GroupResearch samples
Total number of samplesNumber of antigen positive samplesSpecificity
1Infection by other respiratory pathogens2460100%
2Pregnancy examination850100%
3Elevated rheumatoid factor770100%
4Physical examination serum samples1550100%
5Plasma samples of inpatients in other860100%

Positive Coincidence Rate SARS-CoV-2 Antigen and Antibody Detection (> 14 days)

Sample Source: PCR confirmed COVID-19 patients serum samples
Says from onsetTest categoriesNumber of positive samplesTotal number of samplesPositive coicidence
> 14 daysAntigen2513918.0%
> 14 daysAntibody13813999.3%